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Where God is Working

I am a planner. I have an activity allotted for every hour of the day before my feet hit the floor in the morning. I can tell you on June 8th what my family will eat for dinner on June 28th. I have a schedule and do my best to stick to it. Then God called us to be missionaries in Utah, and decided to shake things…shake me…up a bit.

As a church we are doing the “Experiencing God” study by Henry & Richard Blackaby, and I have to give a shout out to God for His perfect timing. Never before have I so deeply felt Him speak directly to me through any book outside of the Bible.

The big lesson He has impressed so thoroughly on my heart is this…Don’t make my own plans (gasp!)…Instead, wait for God to reveal where He is at work and join Him in what He is already doing!

This lesson is easier said than done, especially for a planner like me. The Holy Spirit has pointedly and aggressively addressed my greatest fears about His calling on our lives through this study, and I want to share how He has spoken to me. I don’t normally quote things that aren’t scripture, but these phrases have so affected my heart that I have to!

Fear #1: Raising support. Asking our friends and family for IFmoney…enough said!

God’s answer: “Then it dawned on me that as long as God knew where I was, He could cause anybody in the world to know where I was. As long as He knew our situation, He could place our need on the heart of anybody He chose.”  (P69)

Fear #2: We’vdive_or_jumpe gone crazy. As God reveals more of the mission He has for us in Utah (more explanation to come in a post from Ritch!), what He’s called us to do seems a bit off the deep end, even for us.

God’s Answer: God’s ways and thoughts are so different from yours and mine they will often sound wrong or impossible. You need readiness to believe God and trust Him completely. You must believe that what He is doing is best for you.” (P76).

Fear #3: I’m inadequate. Unqualified, insecure, completely incapable of doing anything for Christ!

God’s Answer: “God hasn’t told us to go and do what we can. He has instructed us that He is already at work bringing a lost world to Himself. If we adjust our lives to Him in a love relationship, He will show us where He is at work.” (P 81)

Fear #4: Creating church-cartoonan organization. We want to spread the Gospel, make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20), and see the lost be saved…not just “create a church.”

God’s answer: “As a church, do not look for ways God is going to bless you. Look for ways God is going to reveal Himself by working through you and beyond you to accomplish His purposes.” (P85)

PHEW! This directive from God, to wait and see where He is working and join Him in it, affects every area of our lives in real and practical ways. From where we will live (Herriman? South Jordan? West Jordan Murray? Salt Lake City?), to HOW we will live (will Ritch get a job, if so what kind, how many hours?), to the type of ministry we will be part of. There isn’t a single decision we can make until we know where God is working, and we won’t know that until He chooses to reveal it to us!  We thoroughly believe that He has great things in store for Utah, and we so desperately want to join Him in what He is doing that we’re about to BURST…

So what’s a planner to do? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

In the meantime, here are some pics of the cutest little blessings in the whole world! 🙂